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Rayjus all started with two guys... Ray and Justin, thus the birth of Rayjus.

Both Ray and Justin love to fish and while working together in the apparel industry at the time they thought it would be a great way to combine both fishing and great looking jerseys. What a way to set themselves free from the rat race of a corporate world and become owners to a lifestyle, US born company that caters to people like them. "It is always our goal to offer American made garments that are affordable, functional and of awesome quality".

Now with a few years under their belts, Rayjus has a great staff of designers along with top of the line dye-sublimation equipment and hard working sewing and printing crews. All of our apparel is made in-house. A hard feat to accomplish with so much competition overseas. The great part of that is we can give you (our most important asset), a better product with better quality control. We choose all our fabrics and keep up to date with the latest and greatest materials so we can keep it affordable and competitive. Here at Rayjus we pride ourselves on giving great customer service and awesome products. And if that's not enough we have partnered with major companies that you love to fish with, not to mention teams and clubs across the US that love our jerseys.

Today with so many demands for more products than ever before we stay pro-active in product developement to satisfy everyone's needs.

That's why here at Rayjus...We've got you covered!"

Thanks for choosing Rayjus.

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